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Company G.C. S.p.A. Peiner System is one of the key European manufacturers
of crane technique.

G.C. S.p.A. Peiner System Company is one of the most important European manufacturers of
crane technique. GC PEINER production begins with cooperation with the AG PEINER
(Germany) in the 80s of the twentieth century. Production area is over 30 000 m². The factory is
located in Italy (Naples). The company successfully acquires and improves the experience in
crane construction for over 40 years, and thanks to this, company's products meet all modern
requirements, demonstrate high quality, reliability and safety in use today. In 2016 Peiner
continued its development and has joined forces with Russian industrial group Rokra and its
Syktyvkar metalworking plants. Cooperation with Rokra group already has improved the sales of
the brand at preservation important distinctive features of Paynera: Italian and German
components, which are made exclusively in Europe, without the use of Chinese factories of
European firms.
The main direction of GC PEINER – is the production of tower cranes. During the time of
development of the company, GC PEINER created unique technologies and designs that improve
the installation process / disassembly and transport cranes.
The lineup of GC PEINER allows to choose the crane, both the carrying capacity and the
execution of the cranes. Constant attention to the market, years of practice and research are an
important component of the success of tower cranes GC PEINER.
Quality of manufactured crane technique are also achieved thanks to the cooperation with
leading European manufacturers of components and materials:

  • Brevini – reducers (Italy);
  • Roter Erde – mechanisms rotating part (Germany);
  • Telemeqanique / Schneider Electric – Electrical Components (Germany, France);
  • Autec – radio control (Italy);
  • Sirtef / Fas – steel ropes (Italy);
  • Besozzi – motors (Italy);
  • Mannesmann AG- steel (Germany).


Tower cranes GC PEINER are successfully working at construction sites around the world
including Russia, Germany, USA, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Canada,
Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Morocco, Libya, Azerbaijan and many other countries.
The height of the crane can reach more than 200 meters when buying or renting, in accordance
with your requirement. The installation system can be executed on the anchor basis, on the
support frame, rail mounted and in the elevator shaft.
Peinerkran will be happy to cooperate with you and we are sure that Peinerkran's cranes will
increase the efficiency of your business and will always be ready to fulfill the tasks of design.