Hammerhead tower cranes | Peiner System and EuroGRU tower cranes, United Kingdom

Hammerhead tower cranes

Hammerhead tower cranes – are "the workhorses" of industry. The design of these cranes is
ideal for intensive and hard work, because it allows to reduce the weight of the boom and the
crane by guy wires and shrouds, and evenly distribute the force and load around the crane,
keeping a perfect duty schedule.
Moreover, it is possible to collect the boom in part to "land" in modern designs, to the boom
section with compensator, and then increase it to a height of a full flight, which allowed to
bypass an important cranes data installation problem when there is no room for the boom in the
Choosing a hammerhead crane, you can be confident in the durability of the crane, as well as in
the optimal balance of price and performance lifting.

Model Load. max, kg Boom length, m Cargo. at the end of the boom, kg Brochure PDF download
MK 85 6000 50 1250 Download
City 86 5000 50 1250 Download
City 95 2500 55 1000 Download
MK 100 6000 60 1000 Download
MK 110 8000 60 1500 Download
MK 160 8000 63 2000 Download
MK 180-10 10000 62 2600 Download
MK 200 12000 63 2400 Download
MK 220 12000 70 3000 Download
MK 230 10000 75 1800 Download


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