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15 Jun

Always nothing but the best! Counterweights for of the tower crane.

Developing the quality of the goods, Peiner company never stands still. GC Peiner system tower cranes have the best components of the market, but this fact does not allow the R & D department of the company to relax. Perfecting such an important element of the tower crane as counterweights – the element most influence

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31 May

CTT 2016 was launched

GC Peiner System Company in cooperation with the industrial group Rokra again climbed the building Olympus. The whole spectrum of the updated company and its technology at the exhibition CTT 2016. will be glad to help you to understand the details, and to order the necessary tower crane for your high-rise construction. Details of

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30 Apr

The new owner, new possibilities

Peiner Company received new development thanks to the purchase in 2016 of this eminent crane plant by Russian business. New Russian-Italian tower crane will become more competitive, while keeping all manufacturing in Italy! This is a real European crane with a truly European components and Russian high-quality metal!

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05 Jun

GC Peiner tower cranes at the STT2014

GC PEINER was represented with its own stand at the exhibition "Construction Equipment and Technologies" (CTT – 2014). We will be glad to new acquaintances and old favorite customers

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