Retrofitting | Peiner System and EuroGRU tower cranes, United Kingdom


If you have a need for retrofitting of your tower crane, according to its full
capabilities, such as:

* Set a spacious cabin to the tower crane

* Install air conditioning at the tower crane
* install an anatomical chair for people with weak backs in the tower crane cabin
* install video surveillance camera at the arrow of tower crane for transmitting video signal with
an image displayed on a monitor in the crane cab
* Increase the height of the tower crane, acquiring new section of the tower and quilting to the
* Extend the arrow of tower crane
* Change the base of the tower crane

– and other possible requirements for modification of the tower crane, we can offer you to
perform these works with the assistance of experts of our factory and our service teams.
Always recommend you to contact the experts of our trading house, to get detailed information
about the possibilities of improvements exactly your model of tower cranebecause changing
arrow length and height of the tower crane must be made based on the technical capabilities of
each specific model.

You can apply for retrofitting the crane via the feedback form below or contact us.


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