Contacts | Peiner System and EuroGRU tower cranes, United Kingdom


Our area of work – United Kingdom and Europe.

For your convenience we have made a direct manager telephone +44 755-498-09-81. On this phone number,
you can also find us and our tower cranes in the most popular instant messengers: WhatsApp and
You can also ask any questions and just contact us for the purchase or lease of tower cranes by
Especially for you we have opened several geographically distributed sales offices: in EU, UK, Russia. Choose that, what you like best.

G.C. S.p.A. Peiner System. The plant in Italy.

Location: Italy, Pollena Trocchia (NA) Via San Gennariello, 26

Tower cranes in Moscow

Address: Gogol Boulevard, 15.

Tower cranes in Yekaterinburg

Address: Passage bugler, 16

Holding Rokra Peiner System. The plant in Russia.

Location: Republic of Komi, Syktyvkar, Sysolskoe Highway 13