Assembly and disassembly of cranes | Peiner System and EuroGRU tower cranes, United Kingdom

Assembly and disassembly of cranes

If you need to perform work of the assembling or dismantling of your tower crane GC Peiner
System or Eurogru we will be happy to help you with this. Our professional team knows our
cranes, like their five fingers, and within five working days will provide you the dismantling of
the crane and its assembling at the new location. assembly team is ready to start work in absolutely all conditions, including the
terms of the limited maneuverability and housing density and provide jobs of the crane
assembling in safely and operationally mode. We perform work of any stage, including pouring
of anchor base of the tower crane, if you need.

Мотнаж и демонтаж Башенного Крана Peiner System

Make a request for assembling and dismantling of the crane you can via the feedback form
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